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Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual staging?

  Virtual Staging is the process of digitally enhancing photographs with graphics software (like that used to create video games and 3D movies). Using hi-tech software to digitally build furniture directly into a property photograph. Like traditional staging, anything can be added to a photo, wall hangings, rugs, beds, sofas and more. As the internet has grown, virtual staging has become a popular, cost effective tool and is a great alternative to traditional home staging. We make ourselves available to work with you to get successful results. Feel free to call us anytime. 

Why choose Lotus 3D Staging?

Here's what we'd like you to know about Lotus 3D Staging. We started this company is response to some virtual staging companies that are not up to a certain standard. Some companies ask you to draw your own rooms, they give little effort to perfect the design or lack overall taste and don't offer guidance. We strive to be different. Taste and quality of work is very important to us. We offer personalized, attentive service. We dial in the warmth of a room using high quality, professional software (3D Max & Photoshop). Our pricing is very fair and it's based on the level of work and extra TLC we provide. Contact us by phone, text or email. You may reach us after hours. We're dedicated to making rooms sing, believe in our ability and love helping people. We look forward to working with you. 

 Call Anytime!  (203) 293-8765.

How does it work?

Your comfort level is important. Please read these steps below and if you have any questions feel free to give us a call.

    Create your free account {we only need minimal information to contact you and send your finished photos. We don't like to spam and we never share your info.} When you're ready to get started simply place your order. Click 'Get Started' and start a 'New Job'. Click on the service you want.  Upload your before photo (the photo you want worked on).  Write your thoughts about the job (what you want done).  Upload any reference photos or choose one of our library references or let us choose.  You pay for the job and your done!  Our friendly team is happy to speak with you to work out any details before we get started.  We can recommend what may work best & can walk you through it if you need help.  Then we'll get to work.  When we finish you'll get an e-mail letting you know your job is complete.  Simply download the finished photo from our website or we can send the finished photos via email. We help you along the way.  

Call Anytime! (203) 293-8765.

Do you offer volume rates?

 YES. Buy 8 or more photos of our Virtual Staging Silver Package and you will get a lower discounted price of $60 per photo. You must have 8 or more Silver photos in your cart at once, to get the discounted bulk price. It will automatically apply the bulk discount ($60.00 per photo price) at check out. 

Let us work with you to get you the best results. 

Call Anytime! (203) 293-8765

Can I really get my virtually staged rooms in 48-72 hours?

 Yes. Your timelines are important. In most cases we deliver photos on time or early. We don’t recommend rushing through the virtual editing or design process.  Please allow up to 7-10 days to turn around virtual renovation jobs due to the level of detail involved.  Please allow additional time for large jobs. We look forward to showing you what we can accomplish.

Do you offer refunds?

 At this time we do not offer refunds. The reason is, since this is a digital product, once we deliver your finished photos we do not know if you will use your images or not. We are reasonable people and will always do our very best to care for you as a client and work to ensure your happiness. We guarantee we will rework your image until you are satisfied.

Which rooms should I stage?

 We recommend staging (at the very minimum) 5-6 photos. Most successful clients virtually stage the enitre home. Our most successful clients choose these rooms..

  1.) Living Room: main area of the home helps to be shown from 2 angles in order to provide spatial context.                

  2.) Master Bedroom: also helps to show this room from opposite angles.

  3.) 2nd Bedroom: stage the second and/or 3rd bedrooms.

  4.) Dining/ Dinette: dining area has always played an important role; radiates social connectivity.

  5.) Kitchen: main area of the home. We add art, accessories, bar stools, etc.

  6.) Outdoors: balcony, deck or patio, front yard landscaping.

  • Bonus rooms such as rec rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms helps to show how those extra spaces can add to a potential buyer's living experience. We offer discounts so you successfully display the entire home,
  • Rec Room
  • Sunroom
  • Hallway
  • Bathroom

What if I want to change something?

Sure it's easy! For virtual staging, free revisions are included in all the virtual staging packages. 

Edits include changing up to 3 small to medium sized items each edit. 

We're available to help you when you're considering a revision. We'll discuss your image and even offer suggestions so each revision gets the best result. 

Complete change of mind from the original order or large item changes may incur a new fee. 

Extra revisions are $15 per revision

We are driven to bring you great photos no matter which service you choose. Item removal, day to dusk, blue sky and image enhancement, normally all photos are final. Each job is different and our goal is to get you the best looking photo we can. Complete change of mind will incur new photo charges. Virtual Renovation will include 2 free revisions. 

What is the best photo format?

 We recommend submitting JPEG files that are at least 1MB in size. Photo's 5MB and up are ideal. Photos that are less than 1MB in size are not recommended because the sometimes the quality may suffer. We may return a job to you if the photo quality is too low. If you need assistance give us a call we're happy to help. 


Your renovation service is a key service for our business. Lotus 3d Staging always impresses our clients and helps lock in renovation contracts.

Sean O’Grady, Contractor

Your work was so realistic. I’m certain it helped expedite the sale of our home. Our home sold for over our asking price. Very happy with the results.

Gregory Thornwell, Home Seller

Great experience, easy to use, friendly people. We will be working with Lotus 3d Staging again. Excellent work guys!

Linda Whiting, Real Estate Agent

Improved the quality of my pictures tremendously. This is a tool that is indispensable to my marketing platform and I will be using it for all of my listings and presentations.

Kimberly Geyer, Real Estate Agent

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