Is It Better To Sell A House Staged Or Empty?

When it comes to selling a home you want to make sure that you receive top dollar and with the least amount of effort possible. So which is better, selling your home empty and letting the potential buyer use their imagination to get a feel for what the property might look like? Or is it better to virtually stage your home to show what it could look like at its best? We’ll go over the pros and cons for both and let you decide.

Maximizing Your Dollars

When it comes to maximizing your dollars in real estate you have to think of three major points.

  • Selling Your Current Home For The Highest Dollar Amount
  • Saving On Renovations And Staging
  • The Largest Down Payment On Your Next Home

Selling your current home can happen quickly in the current real estate market. By virtual staging your home you’ll be able to maximize the number of buyers who are interested in getting you the best deal possible. An Appraisal Institute study found that empty households sold for 6% less than homes that were either occupied or staged!

Six percent in an extra sales price can cover the real estate fees or if you’re selling the property yourself reduce your next home mortgage with a bigger down payment.

Why Does A Vacant Home Sell For Less?

Well as times have changed more buyers are searching online for their homes versus the traditional method of driving through neighborhoods or starting the process with a realtor. Studies have shown that over ninety percent of all homes are first seen by potential buyers online. You may have started your search for your new home online as well before moving onto an in-person viewing. Having professionally staged photos can be the difference between piquing someone’s interest or them moving on to the next house.

By staging your home you have given it life and are allowing it to be seen for the best that it can be. Digital shopping for real estate is the new store window of the modern world. Dressing up a mannequin that’s perfectly fitted to the clothing in the store with an eye-catching backdrop is the equivalent of sprucing up your home virtually. It gives the buyer a chance to imagine and get creative with new ideas of what to do with their potential new home before they see it in real life.

Small Rooms

Without items inside of rooms depth and sizing can be hard to judge in a picture. Capturing the space with furniture and art on the walls allows buyers to get a better picture of what the space would look like once they move in. Will their L-shaped couch fit? What about the grandfather clock that their favorite uncle gave them they can’t seem to let go of? Furniture in rooms and art on the walls allows users to get a sense of where things will go and what type of layouts are available for a given room.

Buyer Beware

When a room is empty there’s not much to look at. Except for the imperfections that is. Maybe that window is a bit old and has a crack in the windowpane. Is the crown molding scuffed from when Little Jimmy was throwing his nerf football against it during the big game?

While these aren’t usually deal-breakers they can make your house seem more dated or need more “repairs” even superficial ones, than it needs. Virtual staging allows you to bring focus on what is most important, can the buyer see themselves living in this home? A cracked windowpane or some tarnished crown molding won’t stop most buyers if they can positively visualize the space.

Staging the home in a bright, modern way pulls the buyer’s attention to the possible, not the work that may come with owning the home.

Are You In A Rush?

It may seem that way when a home is empty, perhaps it’s a relatives and you live out of state and they think they can undercut you as you don’t know what you have. Buyer’s minds can run wild when they see dated or vacant homes on why such a great home may be sitting empty.

This can lead to more investors and flippers who often offer between 50%-65% of the home’s actual value. Wasting your time and taking away energy from your family and selling your home. Buyers can smell someone desperate to sell and see it as a sign of weakness. Whether that’s fiction or reality. Virtual staging and renovation can help you attract high-quality buyers and fewer investors trying to make more money off of the house than you would.

Less Financial Stress

A virtually staged home is an empty home. This means less stress on checking on the house, making sure it’s locked up and secure, and less time spent worrying about an intruder taking your valuable furniture while your settling into your new home.

When you virtual stage a home there is no furniture for a would-be thief to take. Saving you time on constantly checking on the home, money on security that may no longer be needed, and peace of mind knowing that you’re getting top dollar for your home without anything being taken.

While an empty house may be less of a bother, you can sell your home more with a staged home. With a virtually staged home, you get the benefits of an empty home and the eye-catching appeal of a modernized home that will attract the perfect buyer.