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The Difficulties and Costs of Staging A Home


Is home staging necessary?


Home staging is a pivotal part of the home selling process. Whether you’re a private seller or a realtor, chances are that you’ve spent time looking into the best ways to get a potential buyer to spend that extra five to ten minutes looking at the space you have available for them while imagining themselves living there. Staging the house is a great way to stand out above the rest.


Home buying has changed dramatically over the past decade, and so, too, has the process of how potential buyers find the perfect home. Before they ever contact a realtor, homebuyers begin their search on apps and websites, clicking through house after house to decide which ones they like, filing away the ones they love, and quickly skipping the ones they don’t. 


It doesn’t take long for someone to decide against a property. The reasons are numerous and often out of your control; maybe it doesn’t have enough bathrooms or perhaps the yard is small, but there’s one guaranteed reason for them to skip to the next with barely a glance: the house either has no photos or the ones there look cluttered and the house looks like it needs a lot of work. This is one thing a home seller has complete control over, and they should use this as an advantage. 


Buyers prefer four things in an online listing when it comes to saving homes that match their criteria. They want the home to:


  • Look clean
  • Be organized
  • Be well taken care of 
  • Be ready to move into


This is why staging a house is so important. A blank slate can be great, but it feels impersonal and unwelcoming. Rooms filled with personal items look messy and small. Your favorite couch might clash with the wall colors, but you’ve gotten so used to it that you don’t even notice. With a bit of planning and a great color scheme, potential buyers have a much easier time imagining their own families lounging in the living room if the house has been staged. 


Is staging a home expensive?


According to Home Advisor, the price of having your home staged in person by a staging service averages about $1,500 for initial services. Many pay around $2250 to $6000. These prices are for a one-time staging, during which you or your realtor can take photographs of the house before listing it online. Depending on where you live and how large your home is, the price can rise exponentially. To get started, you’ll need a staging consultation to help the company decide what rooms need to be staged and how they should be staged to showcase the benefits of the house while minimizing the shortcomings. These consultations aren’t free and must be scheduled, resulting in time and money spent before your house even hits the market. When you add in the furniture rental and possible extended time on the market you may think of the other options, like virtual staging.


Which rooms should be staged?


Four key rooms within a house should be staged. Potential buyers don’t need to see a staged hallway or office, but they do need to see the possible layout of the home. 


    • Foyers and entrances are the first impressions a buyer’s friends and family will have when they visit, and staging a foyer to make it open and welcoming is essential. 
  • Living rooms are where people will spend most of their time, and a well-laid-out space is vital when drawing in potential buyers. Too much furniture and the room will seem small, clashing colors will make it feel chaotic, and your old DVD collection is going to be a problem. 
  • Kitchens are one of the rooms that buyers are most interested in. Staging furniture isn’t vital here, but having a nice countertop layout that breathes color into the room can make all the difference. 
  • Bathrooms can make or break a deal. Shower curtains and soap add a nice finishing touch to warm potential buyers to the space and draw the eye to the size of the tub and the quality of the fixtures. 


Is in-house staging right for you?


In-house stagings aren’t the only option, and they aren’t even the best option. The upfront costs can be a huge problem, and staging services only have so many furniture options for you to choose from. You can, of course, do it yourself by cleaning up and rearranging your furniture, but that can be daunting, and you might miss a critical feature that experts will be sure to take care of. Staging the home also doesn’t count the cost of photography. Touching up the photos and making sure they have optimal lighting is just as important as the staging process and adds even more to the upfront costs. 


There’s a new option on the rise, and it’s not only economical, but it can also take your home staging to new levels. It combines the process of staging with the process of enhancing photos, and it’s called virtual staging


Virtually staging a home offers many advantages over in-home staging. Virtual staging services give you complete control over the layout and color schemes, and collaborating with a knowledgeable and compassionate provider can make this process easy and quick. They can help you enhance and renovate a space within the span of a few hours, showing potential buyers the possibilities your home offers without all the costs and time associated with actual renovations. Providers of this service are interior design specialists, and the options they offer are endless. Because they aren’t providing tangible furniture, the costs are much more reasonable, too. 


When choosing a virtual home staging provider, you’ll want to ensure they’re a good fit for you. Providers should:


  • Respond quickly to requests
  • Offer consultations and specialized services 
  • Be upfront about their fees
  • Be knowledgeable about the current market
  • Have excellent before and after photos available to peruse
  • Guarantee a unique staging


You don’t want your home to have the same furniture as five other houses potential buyers are looking at. In-home staging is location-centric, meaning that they service a specific area. Buyers tend to look at homes close to each other, and virtual staging can take place from across the country, assuring that home-buyers are seeing unique settings for the house you’re selling. 


If you’re serious about putting your house on the market, virtual staging can have you ready to list within a day or two. The housing market is currently ablaze, and it’s a great time to sell, so find yourself a fantastic virtual staging artist and get ready for offers to flood in!


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