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How To Make Sure Your Home Staging Has Feng Shui

While oftentimes people have heard of Feng Shui and have a general sense of what It means. Most people’s knowledge doesn’t go much further than that. Feng Shui originated in China and has moved to the west and places importance on the ability of energy to flow in a home. In short, making sure that a home has a good flow allows for easier usage of the home and the items in it. Allowing for better viewing, as well as living, experience.

Where To Start

When looking into incorporating Feng Shui into your home it can often be tricky where to actually start when it comes to rearranging your home. One of the most commonly overlooked areas is your front entrance. While most homeowners will use the garage as an entrance when they come back from work or running errands. Your guest and potential home buyers will use the front door. Providing an inviting front entrance area sets the tone for the rest of your home. Plants on the walkway up as well as warm inviting colors can provide a sense of peace as well as nature. It’s important to choose the right colors, think earth tones that are warm and make you feel comfortable. The same idea goes for the plants as well. We want to provide soft, rounded leaves with warm flowers, red, yellow, orange, and gold.

The Entryway

Most home buyers know within 10 seconds whether a home is an option for them or not. Providing a strong experience that gives direction and points the eyes in on where to go is important. Most entryways expand into other areas instead of being a designated space in itself. With plenty of options on where to go, providing a path is critical. The usage of rugs are comfortable to walk on as well as appropriate for the space. Runner Rugs are a common choice as they fit hallways and can point guests in the right direction.

At eye level, the use of art that provides a path for the eyes, as well as a story, will help guide home buyers to the most important parts of the home.

The Living Room

While a living room is often used for a place to watch the big game or the newest bachelor/bachelorette during wine night with the girls. It’s also important to make sure that the space is functional and allows users to not feel blocked. Arranging the furniture to point in the main focal point of the room makes guests as well as home buyers feel welcome and understand what the space was intended for.

If you love to host and prepare meals while hosting it would make sense to point the furniture towards the kitchen. Allowing guests a natural path back and forth as well as making them feel, as well as you, a part of the evening.

If you use a living room as more of a communal space with your family. Furniture arrangements that focus on the center of the room allow for natural conversation with everyone.

If you have a much larger space often times the area can be split into multiple seating areas allowing for larger gatherings that can still fill intimate if you need to talk to someone privately.

The living area is one of the most important areas in a home. Knowing your intended use, the size of the space, and creating natural paths for the flow of people as well as conversation will make any homebuyer feel right at home.

Less Is More

While having gadgets out in the kitchen is practical, especially if you juice every day. Removing items that can cause clutter as well as personalize the space is a no-go. We want the homebuyer to feel as if they can create and imagine this space as their own. Photos of your family, while priceless to you, may make the homebuyer feel as if the space is already taken. Removing clutter not only allows more energy to move through the home more easily it allows homebuyers to imagine living in the space more easily.

By focusing on creating natural paths for energy to flow you’ll allow guests, and homebuyers, the ability to easily navigate your home. Providing a beautiful experience and a welcoming atmosphere that would make anyone feel comfortable.

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