How To Stage A Living Room



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How To Stage A Living Room

Paint Color

While painting a room can be time extensive as well as expensive. Virtually staging your living room walls to another color can take a fraction of the time. Maybe you’ve always wanted to see what it looked like in a more modern color that potential buyers may like as well. A professional virtual stager can make the changes to bring out the best in your living room by testing a wide range of colors to match your home perfectly.

While an accent wall may provide a pop of color most buyers lean towards neutral colors or very light colors. This allows them to see the room as a blank canvas to put their furniture and art in the room. Allowing for a stronger connection to the house which means more potential buyers for you.


This one sounds obvious but is often one of the most overlooked. CLEAN your home. It should be spotless before you take pictures. While virtual staging can declutter and clean it makes more sense to do a bit of sprucing up beforehand. Virtually Staging a living room can make your family get-together room look spotless and perfectly organized. Buyers want to see a house in its most ideal state with every pillow and blanket right where it should be. By virtually decluttering what may have been missed you can make sure your furniture is straight and the art is perfectly level.

Staging Your Furniture

Staging furniture can often be very expensive. You may have already moved out of your home, your furniture may be a little loved with the kids and dogs enjoying them over the years. With Virtual Staging your living room can be transformed into the most up-to-date furniture that matches your home to the letter.

Staging your home can help you sell your home for thousands more as the buyer sees what the house could be at its most up-to-date version of itself.

Show Off Your Windows & Natural Lighting

Lighting lighting lighting! Almost nothing else is as important as natural lighting. Gone are the days where homes had small windows added to meet code versus to make the home enjoyable. Showing off your windows and the natural lighting available is critical. By virtual staging, we can pick the perfect time of day to accentuate your amazing home. Often times a beautiful sunset or a clear sky is chosen.

One of the main benefits of virtually staging your windows is we optimize the amount of light coming through your windows and make it the best landscape outside possible. When you schedule a photographer they come rain, shine, snow, or sleet and do their best. With a virtual stage, we can make sure your home looks the best it ever has from the indoors to the outside.

Edit The Leftover DIY

Remember when you bought the home and had a long list of things you’d like to do with the home? Whether time ran out, time was short in the first place with the responsibilities of day-to-day life, or finances changed. Those leftover DIY’s, the crack in the wall, the door slightly off of level, and so many more will show up in photos. By virtually staging, we can remove those DIY’s that could take weeks and cost you money with photo editing.

If you’re looking to have a virtual staging done of your living room look no further as we provide services that fit every need. Take a look at our services today!

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