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How to Stage Your Home – From a Multi-Mover


How to Stage Your Home – From a Multi-Mover Denver Colorado Virtually Staged Patio

WRITTEN by Jeff Dashel

“All roads end at the same place, home.”

I am 38 years old and have lived in 12 different homes.

Most of the moving occurred in my youth. However, moving is something I have grown accustomed to. As a result I have become familiar with selling  and buying homes.

Each home we sold, we were always advised by our real estate agent to “stage the home for selling”. What we have done is effectively learned how to use virtual staging and virtual services to our advantage. 

As a young med student I was in debt up to my eyeballs. We had little to no money and our furniture wasn’t exactly “showroom”. We felt that clearing the home out and virtually staging was the best method for us.  One thing we do is we take our own pictures of the home, we use image enhancement to color correct and brighten the photos and make them look professional. We make certain to take a lot of pictures, then only choose the best ones to put on the MLS. This way we save the hundreds of dollars we would have spent on a photographer and apply it to the virtual services. Whalla! It works every time. We have professional looking photos and if we can’t clear out all our furnishings or junk out of the house we use the virtual object – item removal service. It’s great! They virtually remove unwanted items from your photos. That gives us time to clear out the home and make it ready. 

As time went by we started to use our own furniture in tandem with virtual staging. It’s great because you can show buyers a few ideas. We always use the blue sky and dusk or twilight sky enhancement service for exteriors and though we have not had to use virtual renovation, it’s a great tool. We usually spend around $500-$1400 on virtual staging and we always get it back. We avoid all the physical staging expenses or paying to have the home traditionally staged. We save thousands of dollars and it always sells. Granted we know that pricing a home right is really important, but when you use these tools and methods and tactics together it has worked wonders for us.


How to Shoot Your Own Real Estate Photos 

Real Estate Photography Tips 

  • Invest in a wide-angle lens or use an app on a cell phone for wide angle.
  • Make sure the walls are vertical in the frame. Make sure all the lines are straight.
  • Prepare each space before shooting real estate photos.
  • Keep lighting consistent.
  • Use natural light. Without sunlight space will look more artificial. 
  • Get a tripod. 4’5 – 5 feet high.
  • Reflections. Try not to see too many reflections in mirrors, windows and doors.


How I Use Virtual Staging

  • I stick with the same look… if it works, I say “don’t fix it.” Simple, clean, warm is what sells. Trying to create a new eccentric fresh look may not be the best idea when using virtual staging, only because editing the photo isn’t as easy as simply moving a lamp in real life. After I get my 1st version back from the editor I work with the team to slightly tweak the objects in the room and stick with room designs that are clean and easy. I have found that personally I like a white sofa with neutral color pillows and I like using the color in use of flowers or art. This seems to work very well. 

  • I don’t overdo it. Home staging is different from room design. Less is more and it’s a delicate balance. Little vignettes of gathering areas are a good idea.
  • I always virtually stage a few angles of the living room and master bedroom and kitchen. We have found that a few angles of these rooms really clinches the sale faster than any other method.
  • Always price the home correctly. Virtual staging used with proper pricing will most likely always be a success if you can do it right.


Why I use Lotus 3D Staging

When I first started using virtual staging services I was a little lost and I wasn’t sure what to do. I tried using a do it yourself app. That didn’t work. Once we found Lotus 3D Staging we found that extra help and attentive care we were looking for. I mean this honestly when I say for the price this is the place to use for virtual staging. I have paid more for virtual service and gotten worse results than what they provide. I have used many virtual companies and Leyla and her team at Lotus 3D Staging took the time to actually speak on the phone with us with great care. The results were clean and stylish, they are friendly and smart. In this automated world we now live in these days, that is truly hard to find.