Is Virtual Staging Worth It?


Is Virtual Staging Worth It?

We think that the answers yes, and we aren’t the only ones! From the cost savings compared to traditional staging, to speed of completion, and the flexibility. Virtual staging provides a wide range of benefits including, saving you time, saving you money, increasing the sales price of your house, and does it all faster than traditional staging. Virtual Staging is similar to traditional staging in that almost anything that can be done in traditional staging can be done virtually as well. From showcasing real estate photos of your living room to highlighting that perfect shot from daytime to dusk. 

When Would You Want To Use Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging can be used in almost every situation. It’s ideal use comes in handy when you have a house that is still being lived in, but with furniture that needs an update. From cleaning up the closet to changing the lighting to show off those wall to wall windows virtual staging brings your space up to date no matter what shape your property is in. 

If a home is vacant and empty you have the option to bring in traditional staging, but that can often become quite costly, take too long, and use dated or heavily used furniture. With virtual staging options you can have your real estate’s rooms up to date and furnished in no time.

Other times the home may be occupied by someone else like a loved one, or a tenant leaving on short notice.  This leaves you with little time if any to make changes to the order, or chaos, of the home before selling or a new lease. 

Ok, That Sounds Great, But How Much Does It Cost?

Virtual staging is often a fraction of the price of traditional staging which can commonly run into the thousands and for high homes the tens of thousands of dollars. Without the need for movers, an interior designer, rugs, furniture, and a professional photographer. Virtual staging can cut the cost dramatically while providing professional photos that are customizable to the style of your home and modern design trends. Our virtual staging service, offers high quality renders of your home or real estate for just $45.00 an image.

In addition to traditional staging’s initial cost, that price tag can continue to climb month after month as it is not a one time cost, but is often viewed as a rent that is paid every 2 weeks or monthly. Something you avoid with virtual staging, as the fee is a one-time cost. 

Pros of Virtual Staging:

  • Cost effective compared to traditional staging
    • One time cost vs continuing to pay until no longer needed.
  • A new modern look that is up to date, and can attract buyers who may have not been interested previously.
  • Allows you to stage rooms several different ways. A dining room can also be a kid’s playroom, or a sitting room. Virtual staging with Lotus 3d Staging is flexible, and meets you and your needs to help potential buyers envision the space in multiple ways.
  • By reducing the cost, compared to traditional staging, you can stage the entire house vs just a few rooms with traditional staging as an entire home can be out of most people’s budgets .

Pros of Traditional Staging:

  • When a home is professionally staged you can see for yourself how it will look vs a virtual staging cannot be walked into.
  • Can often help someone remember the home more easily with a staged home, but only after a physical walk through.
  • Buyers can lack imagination and want to see something for themselves. Physical staging makes it easier for some home buyers to fully “see” what options are available. Though you are limited to one look per room. 

While there are some pros to both traditional and virtual staging. Virtual staging is almost always more flexible, customizable, and more cost efficient for your budget when staging a home to sell or lease. If you are interested in virtual staging check out our virtual staging page for more information.