89% of buyers start looking online first. It's important to present a clean space to buyers. We remove items from photos


Realize you have items that shouldn’t be in the shot? Let us digitally remove any eye sores left in your photo.


Remove unwanted items and mess to make a better presentation to potential buyers.


Empty a room of unattractive furniture, prep for virtual staging and help your buyers visualize themselves in the home. 


Item Removal service will remove any object or item out of your photo so you can maintain a clean image space. Whether you want to remove an extra cable in the photo, unappealing art, people or declutter an entire room. Getting rid of those annoying extra items can help make photos more appealing. - Clean and clear, top notch photo editing.  To order log in and click get started.           


Small item removal is perfect for those smaller "doo-dad's" left in the shot. Includes removal of up to 3 small items (loose cable, cup, spot on rug). Speak with us so we can assess your photos if you're unsure. 

Before -Object removal single


After Object Removal example single



Medium item removal is great for putting the focus back to what you're trying to sell. Remove scattered medium sized messes from any image. Includes removal of 4 or more small to medium sized items (that do not cover too much wall or flooring). 

RV-Clutter-Before Object Removal


RV-No-Clutter-After-Object Removal



Removing unappealing furniture and mess allows buyers to see the wonderful features of a home. Our full room declutter service will prepare your photos for our real estate virtual home staging and allows us to refurnish your room images for a solid listing presentation. Includes full room declutter and removal of large items.

Great Room Before Object removal single


Virtual Staging Example Homepage



Our full room declutter will clear away any unwanted furniture in your real estate photos or personal photos. We will clear the room entirely virtually rebuilding it. Don't let clutter divert attention from your photos. Includes full room declutter and removal of large items.



Garage-After-Object-Removal example photo single


How to order – it's easy!

  • Click to select the item removal service of your choice (small, med or large) contact us if you are unsure. 
  • Upload the before photo, (photo to be worked on) 
  • Write any notes you may have about what you want removed from your photo
  • Pay for the job and you’re done!
  • Your completed photo will be sent to you via email when ready

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose Lotus 3D Staging?

 What makes us the best choice is our combination of high quality and great service at a low price. Our work is thoughtful and you get attentive and caring guidance along the way. We produce balanced photos that dial in the warmth of a room and we give personalized care for each client. We are the #1 choice for many brokers, realtors & builders in the US. Using our high end, state-of-the-art, Professional 3D Max & Photoshop Software, we turn your property pics into warm, inviting property presentation photos. We care about your satisfaction. Free revisions included. We'll work with your budgets to get you great results. 

Contact our friendly team by phone, text or email. 

Call Us Anytime  - (203) 293-8765 

How does it work?
  •  We want to make it easy for you. 
  •  Click the 'Get Started' button (top page right).
  •  Create your free account (before you place your order). 
  •  Click: 'Get Started' (red button top right again). Will take you to the dashboard. 
  •  Click:  'New Job'. Pick the service you like.
  •  Upload your before photo (the photo you want worked on).  Write any notes you have.  
  •  Upload any reference photos or just let us choose. All popular styles available. Contemporary, Modern, Scandinavian and more. 
  •  Pay for the job and your done!  Our friendly team is happy to work out any details before we start. Then we'll get to work. When we finish, you'll get an e-mail containing your completed photo(s). 

 Call Us - We're happy to walk you through it and collaborate with you.

 (203) 293-8765  

 Register free to get started. 

Can I really get my virtually staged rooms in 48 hours?

 Yes. Your timelines are very important to us. In most cases we deliver photos on time or early. Normal editing time for virtual staging is normally 48 hours. Some more detailed jobs may take up to 72 hrs on occasion. Our most successful clients normally take 1-2 weeks to prep their photos and start with Image Enhancement Service or Item Removal Service first, then move to Virtually Staging that way they can utilize our free revisions and see a couple slightly different options and not be rushed. 

For virtual renovation jobs, please allow up to 7 days to turn around, due to the high level of detail.  

Call Us For Your Free Consult - (203) 293-8765  or text. Register for free to get started.

Which rooms should I stage?

 Buyers consider the living room the most important to stage, followed by the master bedroom and kitchen. See below for the most popular spaces to stage. Most successful clients virtually stage at least 6 photos and up to 25+ depending on the size of your home. The goal is to create a universally appealing, updated, clean setting.

  1.) Living Room: main area of the home helps to be shown from 2 angles in order to provide spatial context.    

  2.) Master Br: also helps to show this room from opposite angles.

  3.) Kitchen: main area of the home. 

  4.) Dining/Dinette: area has always played an important role; radiates social connectivity.

  5.) 2nd Bedroom: stage the second and/or 3rd bedrooms.

  6.) Outdoors: balcony, deck or patio, front yard landscaping.

  • Bonus rooms such as rec rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms helps to show how those extra spaces can add to a potential buyer's living experience. 
  • Rec Room
  • Sunroom
  • Hallway
  • Bathroom

 Call Us - (203) 293-8765   Register free to get started.

What if I want to change something?

Sure it's easy. 1-2 free revisions are included for item removal.

We're available to help you when you're considering a revision. We'll discuss your image and even offer suggestions so each revision gets the best result. 

We are driven to bring you great photos no matter which service you choose. Each job is different and our goal is to get you the best looking photo we can. 

Call Us  - (203) 293-8765   Register free to get started.

What is the best photo format?

 We recommend submitting JPEG files that are at least 1MB in size. Photo's 5MB and up are ideal. Photos that are less than 1MB in size are not recommended because the sometimes the quality may suffer. We may return a job to you if the photo quality is too low. If you need assistance give us a call we're happy to help. 

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The virtual renovation service here is key for our business. Always impresses clients and locks in our renovation contracts. Thank you!

Sean O’Grady

O'Grady Construction

The results are stunning! Your service is now indispensable to my marketing platform. We will be using Leyla & her team for all our listings and presentations.

Kimberly Geyer

Real Estate Agent

Great experience! I've used other companies and we love Lotus 3D Staging. They truly care. Easy to use. Friendly people. Excellent work guys!

Linda Whiting

Real Estate Agent

Your work was so realistic! It helped speed the sale of our house. Our home sold for over our asking price... Very happy with the results! Thank you!

Gregory Thornwell

Home Seller

Pick a service. Upload your photo. Done.