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Planning Strategies for Realtors

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Planning Strategies for Realtors

Client Planning: The Basics 

* Home Prep & Planning For Sale – The process of assessing the home and budgeting resources for the preparation of selling a home. The home owner’s future is in the sale of the home in most cases. Getting the house prepped for sale should be gone over, area by area. Take multiple photos of every room and the exterior of the full perimeter.

  • Client Request Form – This form is created and used to standardize the process of information gathering for the home sale project details. This form allows the planning members to quickly and efficiently assess the home & what needs to be done to best prepare it for sale.
  • Budget – Every home seller has different budget concerns and
  • different unique needs. The condition of each home should be gone over in detail. This is the time to speak to the client about their budget and prep them for the idea that they should invest in home prep. Explain the importance and show statistics. Get feedback on what budget the client is comfortable with and layout all the options. Be strategic, align to the project goals, and assess cost to enact the best options for getting each home to be presentable.
  • Plan of Action – If the home is not presentable you have options. If you can’t paint a room. If you can’t clear a cluttered space, then get the MLS photos to look the best they can. Once you get buyers in the door, then you can have other incentives that may move a hard to sell property.  The realtor responsible will choose a plan of action (to present the home) with the seller. Prioritize and reprioritize the budget options and develop your plan for project presentation. We will discuss the options below.
  • Client Approval – This process is typically unique to each seller.  This usually requires finesse and tenacity with some stubborn sellers. The numbers don’t lie. Many people have different approval processes for differing amounts of capital. To let your clients home go on the market with no staging or looking less than perfect is putting them at risk by not utilizing tools that are available and proven to help.
  • Understanding Photo Editing – What Can It Do For Me?
  • If you are faced with a client who does not have a budget for traditional staging, there are other options. You can still present the home effectively. This info below will focus on virtual options.


  • Should I Hire A Photographer ?
  • Best case scenario is that hiring a real estate photographer usually yields the best photographic results. However, with today’s technologies it’s not necessary. Virtual Services can be used on professional photos or cell phone photos. Some people don’t know that you can take your own property photographs and be successful. Professional Photographers’ charge exorbitant amounts of money. You could save the photographer costs and take your own photos of the property, then spend money on Virtually Staging and other photo services to make your photo presentation a top tier professional showcase.
  • How to shoot real estate photos with a cell phone
  • Using Image Enhancement – You can rework your budget to find success by saving your photography budget for other things. Taking your own photographs and adding Image Enhancement is a way to utilize your budget more effectively, while still getting professional looking photos. Image Enhancement is effective and affordable. It fixes bowed angles, brightens, color corrects and makes your cell photos look professional. The results are great and it’s cost is considerably less than hiring a photographer.
  • Using Sky Replacement Service 
  • Sky replacement photo service allows you to add a dusk sky or blue sky to exterior photos. It looks great and is inexpensive. Plus you can do it right from your computer. Who wants to pay for an expensive photographer to charge you by the hour as they wait for it to stop raining?
  • Using Item Removal Service 
  • Photo Item Removal or Declutter Service is amazing technology. You can clear a whole room of junk by hiring our editors to rebuild the room with computers making it look presentable to the viewer. Or you can simply use it to remove smaller unwanted items prepping the room for virtual furniture staging. It’s a great key service and a wonderful tool to achieve home prep success. You can order it right from your phone or computer.
  • Using Virtual Staging Service  – 
  • Virtual Staging allows you to show a property fully furnished.  It can create a vibe of warmth that an empty property just can’t do. Traditional staging can be expensive with monthly furniture rental designer costs and moving costs etc. Virtual Staging can be a great affordable 2nd option. Just be aware that not all virtual staging companies do great work. We are here to provide great service and are invested in giving you warmth, style and taste. Cost is $45 per photo.
  • Using Virtual Renovation Service 
  • Virtual Renovation and virtual landscaping is a eye catching method of selling a home. We can finish remodeling projects to show buyers the possibilities of what the home could look like. It lets buyers have an imagination and will inspire them to take action and consider buying a home that needs a little work. We can paint, add driveways, build balconies and refinish basements and much more. If you can’t remodel the home itself, show what it can look like instead.
  • There is no need to use photo editing services for every room. A few key rooms can really inspire buyers to take the next step. Remember real estate sales is show business. Get your clients to first base by displaying a great MLS photo presentation. We’re here to help you if you need further guidance. We hope this information has been helpful to you.
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