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Lotus 3D Staging  

 Virtual Staging, Photo Editing Boutique is offering affordable photo services in Alabama for your home and offices. Our top notch photo designers have over 20 years of professional experience.


 Virtual Staging is the process of adjusting real estate photography with hi-tech computers. Virtual Staging helps draw viewer attention and is a proven method to sell real estate faster, for more money.  Virtual furniture is life like and is a popular alternative to traditional home staging, helping buyers envision themselves in the space.                                                          

 We replace old furniture, add stylish, new furnishings and other various objects to make listing photos the very best they can be. A clean and clear home with tasteful staging makes for the best presentation. That's where we come in. We invite you to explore, speak with us, tell us about your needs.

  • Performs stylish Virtual Staging & Photo Editing for residential and commercial properties in Alabama.
  • Removes and adds all types of items within your Real Estate photos for professional presentations.
  • Quick response times, attentive service, tasteful esthetically pleasing designs.
  • Our staff is experienced and eager to please. 
  • On call service Mon-Sat
  • Highly affordable prices in Alabama.
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction

Friendly Service - Talented Designers

Serving Alabama, Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile, Austin, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa and more...

Our editing technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and the most effective methods to virtually stage and virtually edit. 

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Choosing a Virtual Staging Company?

   When it comes to shopping for Virtual Staging, low prices are naturally attractive. The price sounds great until you need to arrange your own design, send your drawings to the editor or make adjustments with no guidance. When choosing a staging service its good to ask questions and speak to a person directly. At Lotus 3D Staging we give the care needed to obtain warm, stylish, inviting photos. Our pricing is affordable. We're happy to help with any questions. If you're new to this service call us and let us walk you through it, we're here to help. Alabama has its own individual style. We want to understand your unique Alabama property and be your go to virtual staging company. Let us take care of you. 


 Alabama Realtors & Virtual Staging.

 Many AL realtors are turning to Virtual Staging for the ease of online ordering and price 1.) No contact 'safe' way to show a staged home  2.) Save money with virtual vs traditional home staging, avoid monthly furniture rental fees.


 #1.) Agent purchases Virtual Staging. Recoup fee from client when home sells. Better pictures are a direct path to finding a buyer. 

#2.) Home seller purchases Virtual Staging. Home seller keeps the finished Virtually Staged photos. If the property doesn't sell right away, home seller has the photos for future use. Good selling point.

#3.) Home Owner or Landlord purchases Virtual Staging. Recoup fee from sale/rental.

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