Six Ways to Use Virtual Staging After Buying Your Home / Before A Remodel

Six Ways to Use Virtual Staging After Buying Your Home / Before A Remodel


When we talk about staging a home, the image that comes to mind is emptying your home and having a swarm of people redesign your living space, so your listing looks amazing in online photographs. Thankfully, with the use of technology and some brilliant interior designers, virtual staging has made this process so much simpler at a fraction of the cost. Instead of storing all your furniture and upending your life, a virtual stager uses the photographs you provide and redesigns your house using editing software. This means no heavy lifting for you and a lot more control over the design elements. 

All that is wonderful, and I highly recommend it, but it’s time to think outside the box. Virtual stagers offer more than you think! If you’ve already purchased your home or are considering a remodel instead of moving, virtual staging can be your greatest tool. Here are six ways you can use virtual staging beyond the listing process! 


#1: Paint it! 

If you are like me, you bought your home with the intention of adding a little personal flair to each room. You’ve spent hours scouring paint apps, trying to visualize the result of changing those beige walls to something with a bit more flavor. Sadly, those apps you’ve used aren’t giving you an accurate result, which can be very frustrating, especially if you plan to paint each room yourself. 

Hiring a virtual stager can help show you the different options before you ever set foot in a paint store. Not only do you get to see the result without lifting a finger, but with their interior design background, they can offer advice on complementary colors and matching furniture. It’s a win/win any way you look at it. Even better, you won’t need to waste any money on paint samples that you’ll have to cover up later! 


#2: Redesign your flooring!

Whether your house is brand new or passed down for generations, redoing the floors is always high on the list of upgrades. Some people want to add carpet, while others are looking at hardwood and tile. This is a costly endeavor, and you want to get it right the first time. A virtual stager can show you the different options available and how they look in your home, not just on a well-lit showroom floor. 

With so many materials and colors on the market, there’s no reason to close your eyes and try to visualize or order samples that show you what a square foot of floor space will look like. Simply call upon the experts and ask them for a few virtual samples of the entire room. You’ll quickly be able to tell if the tile you are considering will clash with your cabinetry or if hardwood will bring your home that classic look you’re aiming for. An excellent virtual stager will spend time getting to know you and researching the type of look you want. With thousands of hours spent viewing house after house to create online listings, they’ve seen it all, and their knowledge is invaluable. 


#3: Remodel a room (or five)!

Curious what your kitchen would look like with an island counter or a new backsplash? Considering turning your bathroom into a wonderland with a claw foot tub? Maybe you have even looked into removing a wall or installing a recessed ceiling to add that wow factor. Virtual staging can do all of that and more. You can redesign your entire living space over and over again before you settle on an idea! 

This is such a crucial part of the design process, and even the best construction companies rely on you to know what you want. Virtual stagers have entire libraries of remodels and various home aesthetics for you to choose from before calling that construction company for an estimate. This is something you want to take advantage of so you aren’t wasting time and money. 


#4: Interior Design

Even if the bare bones of your home are perfect, it can be hard to choose furniture and accessories that vibe with your lifestyle. Hiring an interior designer can get expensive, and the average family can’t afford this luxury. A virtual stager, though, is a fraction of the cost. You can see the different furniture styles in your rooms and find out which colors add that subtle cohesiveness that takes your living space to the next level. 

Interior design is all about aesthetics, and the right virtual stager will be ready and willing to design each room to your specifications. Once you have the photos in hand, you can take as long as you like transforming your house, piece by piece! If you’re working on a budget, this can make a huge difference in your ability to create the perfect space. 


#5: Design the perfect nursery! 

New parents spend months agonizing over creating the perfect nursery for their children. If you’re expecting, you already have enough stress on your plate. Take that Pinterest board and pass it to a virtual designer. They can help you decide the best layout and color schemes, all while staying true to your desires. They can even show you the natural light angles from the windows and what the room will look like in the light of day and the dark of night. 

Editing software has come a long way, and you can take advantage of this while knowing your design is in good hands. Trust me, you need all the help you can get, but it also feels good to be part of the process. A virtual stager will work with you to create the perfect room for your tiny human. 


#6: Upgrade your yard! 

Virtual staging isn’t just about the interior, as an expert will have landscaping knowledge as well. Whether you’re considering building a pergola, adding a deck, installing a pool, or just redesigning your walkway, a virtual stager will be able to show you the finished result before you ever get started. This can be a huge help once you hire the professionals to get the job done. Having a photo in hand to show them precisely what you want means you are way more likely to be pleased with the outcome. 

Even if all you are doing is laying sod, it can be nice to see what your yard would look like after all that hard work. It can help you visualize and keep you working towards your goal!


Take Advantage of Virtual Staging Today!

Now that you know what virtual staging can offer, it’s time to find the perfect professional. Your chosen virtual stager should be willing to talk to you over the phone and take all of your ideas and requests into consideration. Feel free to be as detailed as possible!




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